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"Thai massage, the meditation of mind and body"

Our Services

1. Thai Traditional Massage
2. Thai Oil Massage
3. Hot Thai Oil Massage
4. Deep Tissue
5. Sport Massage
6. Thai Foot Massage
7. Back and Shoulders Massage
8. Head Massage
9. Relaxing Full Body Massage
10. Four Hands Massage


30 minutes for £20
60 minutes for £30
90 minutes for £45
120 minutes for £ 60

Thai Massage

We combine the art of Thai massage and science of psychology into our services. Every day your life faces stress and tiredness from work or family commitments triggering anxiety. Thai massage is a non-pharmacological form of therapeutic touch that can help you to relax your mind and body, relieve your tension, reduce blood pressure, improve your mood and promote better sleep. Importantly, there is research that shows people that have experienced massage have had less risk of anxiety and stress. Thai Therapy inserts a methodology of meditation and mindfulness beneficial to enhancing a high quality of life. You will be in a calm and relaxed state during the massage session resulting in circulation manipulates properly.


Tel : 0114-205-1820 or 0745-271-2127

Opening times: Mon - Sat : 10:00AM - 07:00PM

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